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Powercast #6 – Focus on the Customer Experience

Powercast is the Friday morning small-business marketing briefing, broadcast by Jay Ehret live on UStream at 9am Central.

Much of the focus of marketing is placed on seducing the customer; getting them interested in doing business with you. That’s not bad, but it’s missing something important: what you do with the customer when you get them interested. Customers don’t want to be seduced, they have a purpose and they are looking to you for help.

In this Powercast I discuss the importance of the customer experience in creating loyalty and sparking word of mouth. Spend some time this weekend thinking about what your customers experience. Map your customers’ experience based on how you want them to feel and what you want them to talk about. Be sure to add memorable moments, or magic spots, into the experience

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Creating a Remarkable Customer Experience:

  1. Download this free tool to design the experience: Customer Experience Map
  2. Some books to read:
  3. Excellent resource blogs:

How will you use the customer experience to inspire loyalty and spark word of mouth?

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