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Local Search Results: Getting Listed in Google’s Local 7-Pack

It’s becoming increasingly important to be found in the local search engines. People prefer to find information about local businesses through search engines rather than in the yellow pages. In this Spotlight on Marketing Video, we look at how the local search engine results work, and how you can increase your chances of making it

>Setting Websites Free

> Announcing: Small Business Website Solution Just last week it happened again. A client threw up his hands in frustration. The reason? He was unable to update his website when he wanted. In addition the website looked outdated. My client was frustrated because he was unable to reach the guy he hired to build and

The Future of Yellow Pages and Your Marketing Budget

As you consider how much money to invest in Yellow Pages, consider this: Consumers now use search engines over Yellow Pages. The details can be seen in this article detailing the study. Yellow page directories already know this. Some are combating this truth by commissioning their own studies reflecting positively on the yellow page industry.

>Spot On! This Week’s Best Marketing Advice

> Here are some of the week’s best small business marketing blog posts. They are categorized by the four spots of The Marketing Circle of Life. Enjoy and be educated. Promotion: Blogs versus Websites: What’s the Difference? by James Chartrand at Men With Pens. There’s a misconception surrounding blogs and websites. Many people still believe

Is your website prepared for the mobile revolution?

Episode #15 of Power to the Small Business: The Mobile Web The Internet show about small business marketing. On this episode of Power to the Small Business, we welcome Holly Kolman. Holly is passionate about the coming mobile revolution. She tracks it, writes about it, and advises on it on her blog: Mobienthusiast. Are you

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