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The content of the The Marketing Spot Blog is organized around the four essential spots of small business marketing as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life. Here are the 10 best customer experience articles from the archives. I’ve compiled them here in one neat, tidy location.

I hope you find them educational in your quest to learn more about creating a remarkable customer experience. Please feel free to comment on any of the articles. If you would like help creating a customer experience for your company, please see my company website:

The Best Articles on The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience Map
My exclusive tool to help you map our a remarkable experience, complete with an audio/visual tutorial.

The Uniform Effect
Does your business use uniforms? You might be surprise at the effect it has your customers’ experience.

The Customer Experience Theme
The preamble to filling out the Customer Experience map. How to use a frame and avoid a messy experience compromised of a bunch of good ideas.

Three Predictably Irrational Pricing Strategies That get the Sale
Guide your customers’ purchase decisions by using these pricing strategies. During the experience, you do want customers to buy something.

How to Become the Most Popular Restaurant in Town
Not just for restaurants. It’s not price and product that makes customers loyal, it’s the experience.

What is Great Customer Service?
You may know what good customer service is, but what is great customer service? This article answers that question.

The Experience Economy – 10 Years Later
10 years after publishing their classic book: The Experience Economy, I sit down with authors Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore to discuss how to move your business from commodity to experience. Does your business charge what it’s worth?

The Four Unconscious Factors That Influence Purchase Decisions
To understand how people buy, you must understand what makes them decide. See the four things that help customers decide.

Great Customer Service: Anticipation vs. Reaction
It’s not how you handle things after they happen, it’s how you anticipate and prepare in advance.

Loyalty Programs, Frequency Programs and Cheese
What is the effect of so-called loyalty programs on customer loyalty? Maybe you just have a frequency program that doesn’t inspire loyalty. Find out what does.

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