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Why Listening is Too Little

“Listen.” That’s what they tell you when you jump into social media; “Listen.” Unfortunately, listening will do little for a local, small business. Why speak such heresy? Because very few people are talking about you. And you cannot expect that to change if your primary posture is listening. There is nothing wrong with listening to

How do You Accelerate Word of Mouth?

“I want people to talk about my business. I know word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing, but how do I accelerate it?” Photo courtesy of Zack Dischner Know What You Want People to Say You can’t just leave it up to people to decide what they want to say about you.

The Conversation – Promotion Connection

In my four spot marketing model, as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life above, you see that the Conversation spot and Promotion are connected. Here’s how it works. Conversation is the unpaid evangelism about your business that occurs through person-to-person word of mouth, online social media, and publicity about your business in the media.

The Connection Between the Customer Experience and Conversation

In my four spot marketing model you see that the Customer Experience and Conversation are connected. It’s pretty simple, really. Here’s how it works: The Experience is What Inspires Word of Mouth Conversation doesn’t happen until somebody experiences something. And even when somebody does experience your business, it doesn’t mean they will talk about it.

Free Webinar: Creating Conversation – Taming the 3-Headed Word of Mouth Messenger

The next webinar in our free webinar series will be on September 22nd at noon Central. Register now, space is limited. Free Webinar Creating Conversation: Harnessing the 3-Headed Word-of-Mouth Messenger Presented by: Jay Ehret, Chief Officer of Awesomeness for The Marketing Spot. You will learn: – What causes people to talk about your business –

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