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Billboards and Brand Dilution

While driving through Central Texas yesterday, I spotted this billboard perched above a Harley Davidson Dealership: My initial reaction was: “What-tha? Harley Davidson is now about low prices and fuel economy?” So I posted the billboard pic on Twitter and asked if the brand was starting to “wear thin?” Meaning is Harley Davidson, or at

Premium Webinar: How to do a direct mail marketing campaign.

Direct mail is the forgotten marketing weapon of small businesses. That’s a shame because it can be very powerful and extremely affordable. I’m excited to announce our next premium webinar from The Marketing Spot: How to create and implement your first direct mail marketing campaign on a budget. Registration Details: Direct Mail Marketing Webinar For

Pay Per Click (PPC) Starter Tips for Small Business

This past weekend I was at ProductCamp Austin and caught Shawn Livengood’s excellent presentation on Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns. After his session, Shawn and I got together in the lobby to discuss PPC and some starter tips for small business owners. Dustin Donham was there to capture Shawn’s wisdom on video. Email Subscribers and

The Conversation – Promotion Connection

In my four spot marketing model, as illustrated in The Marketing Circle of Life above, you see that the Conversation spot and Promotion are connected. Here’s how it works. Conversation is the unpaid evangelism about your business that occurs through person-to-person word of mouth, online social media, and publicity about your business in the media.

How do I get my name out there?

…is a frequent question I hear from entrepreneurs, and it’s actually a good question. People must be aware of you before they can purchase from you. There is something to be said for simple exposure, especially if your product or service is not a high-frequency purchase. You may think you have a memorable business, but

The Evolution of Advertising

Where is advertising now, and where is it going? Advertising is more complicated than it used to be. In the innocent days of the 70’s and 80’s you could easily reach large audiences, both locally and nationally, through traditional advertising. Those days are long gone and an examination of the advertising playing field looks like

Quote Spot: Promotion

A collection of quotes about promoting your business. “Never sell a product or service. Always sell a concept.” – Advertising Secrets of the Written Word by Joe Sugarman I consider sampling to be the most effective marketing method…assuming that you have an excellent product or service.” – Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson “The new

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